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  Call Control
  The Support Center software has been built from the ground up to help control the support calls at ACS. From the initial ring of the phone to the farewell given to your customer, the interface is designed to assist the rep in providing timely support.
  We pride ourselves on knowing your product and company like our own. The Support Center software assimilates all the data on your products from specs to troubleshooting to retail availability. We simply load instruction manuals, photos, schematics, frequently asked questions, troubleshooting step etc. and everything is available to the support rep while they are on the call. Utilizing technolgy allows us to be experts on thousands of different products with a smaller more cost effective staff.
  Data Gathering
  Every question, comment, part ordered, defect reported, and action taken is documented and stored in our database. We collect as much information as we can sot that you can have better reports. You want to know, so we find out. When there is a specific piece of information that you would like for your customers, just let us know and we can make it happen. The Support Center software can adapt to your needs.
  Communication is key, and not just between people. All of our systems are integrated to work together. That means the phone system, shipping system, inventory control, website, reporting, and Suppor Center talk to one another and share data for a more efficient supply chain. Support Reps are aware of the subject of incoming calls before they phone rings; we can track orders in real time; and we have the answers customers need right away.