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Report Dashboard Online Reporting Dashboard
The Account Dashboard offers a one stop view into the volume of service we have provided in a given time period.  Start here to get an overview of calls and shipments, and to find out more you can simply click on any graph to drill down into the details.
Top 5 Reports Root Cause Analysis
Looking into our top five reports will give you the areas you should address first to get the biggest bang for your buck.   We rank models, parts, question type by the issues that have occured.  You can use it to identify the issues that occur most often so that you can spend your time on product development and not data analytics.
Trend Reports Support Trending
Find out which items are increasing in the ammount of support needed so that you can address possible problems early.  This report shows a rolling 6 week line graph and the levels of the current week.  Click on any of the figures to asess the top questions, or part orders for that 6 week period.
Map Geograpic
Find out exactly where your calls are coming from, and where you are shipping parts to to.  This will tell you if you have a reginal problem, or specific areas of the country that your product is used more often.
Inventory Flow Inventory Flow
With our inventory flow reports you can not only monitor your inventory levels but also know ahead of time when you can expect to be out of stock.  bieng ahead of the game on parts fulfillment will ensure that the number of units returned to the store is at a minimum.